Congratulations to Athena Wu, Alicia Yang, Sashrika Pandey, & Vicki Pan ~~~

Thanks for your faithful services to our school!!

On 10/13/17 Friday afternoon, IFY held a tea party to thank four high school students for their loving community service at IFY.  They have received PVSA Award (President 's Volunteer Service Award) from the Vice President of Fremont Unified District Board Member: Mr. Yang Shao.  We are proud of their achievements.   These children also had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Yang Shao about his experience and received word of encouragements.  

啟動愛~ 讓愛飛揚

10/13/17 星期五的下午舉辦溫馨的感恩茶會,謝謝四位姐姐在愛飛揚的愛心社區服務,從學區委員邵陽先生手上得到PVSA 獎(President 's Volunteer Service Award) ,實在很榮耀。邵陽先生也有些學經歷的分享、勸勉、鼓勵的話語,讓這群大孩子們也蒙受許多益處 。

恭喜 Athena Wu, Alicia Yang, Sashrika Pandey, & Vicki Pan ~~~  謝謝妳們這一年來在愛飛揚的擺上,為孩子們服務。