Y Features


   Small Class – 4~8 students per class, respect Individuality


   Nice environment – quiet, bright & spacious classroom, big  playgroundsafe

and professional


   Quality teaching – Curriculum planned and Staff led by Selena Shan


   Character Education – well weaved into the teaching and equips students to

stand out in challenges


   Creative – Learn Chinese , math , English or Music through games and activities! 

Unique Text Book.


  Math – grow critical thinking and analytical capability


Homework Tutoring – disciplines in quality work. Students can participate IFY

Club for free!


   IFY CLUB – There are a variety of IFY CLUBs in chess , art, singing… for kids

to choose.


   These opportunities will greatly widen the learning experiences of the students (limited seats)




超級小班制  -  每班4-8, 尊重孩子個人特質與發展


教學環境好 –多間教室,安靜明亮寬敞 ,再加上大 play ground ,讓身心均衡發展


師資有經驗 – 由有多年教學經驗單聖玲老師帶領老師群  並規劃課程,讓孩子學習



打造品德力 –品格才是孩子未來決勝負的關鍵,我們將品德課融入學習課程裏,



創意中文課 – 遊戲中學中文,創意華文+自編雙教材,自製教具,讓孩子眼到手



動腦數學課 – 培養思考能力和耐力,提昇數理解題和邏輯能力,扎深基本功,



作業輔導班 –扎根良好習作態度,每周上課四天以上可免費上中文課, 音樂課

IFT CLUB的豐富課程。


IFY CLUB –IFY CLUB規劃一系列的chess , art, singing….等藝術創意課程,供孩子