I have always been very passionate about teaching children. I hope that

with my background in Mathematics, many years of teaching experience

in the Chinese Language, as well as various resources, I can create a

loving and caring environment here for children to learn subjects such as

Math and the Chinese Language.


   Besides teaching the academics, I also greatly value character education.

That is why I provide complimentary consultation assistance to students

and parents as needed.


  Our teachers will not only hold parent-teacher conferences on a regular

basis, but will also have frequent communications with the parents about

their children’s progress and make recommendations accordingly. 



  I believe that our children will benefit the most when the parents work very

closely with the educator. 


  I hope that with our hard work together, our children will not only do better

with the academic subjects, but will also grow into very healthy individuals.


我本身對於教育孩子,一直有著一份獨特的熱情. 期盼能藉著多年的中文教學

經驗,再加上原本就有的數學專業訓練,創造一個充滿愛與關懷的環境, 讓孩子



在學習學科本身的同時,我更重視品格教育. 因此我也會針對孩子們的特性與

需求, 對孩子進行輔導,並提供家長相關的協助。



情形,以及建議家長可以配合之處.我深深相信, 家庭與教育者若能同心一起幫

助我們的孩子, 他們的受益將會更大.


期盼孩子們在我們同心努力下, 不僅學科會進步, 全人更是會長得健康!